Disgraced Donald Sterling Battling Prostate Cancer

You may not know him from his tenure as an attorney, in fact, unless you ran in his circles, you probably would not know him as a businessman either, however, as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, he is well known. Unfortunately, the business magnate has been diagnosed with prostate cancer ...Read More

The Dirtiest Tech Gadgets We Use Everyday

Many people consider technology to be modern, hip, and, well, sterile. That is hardly the case. Many tech products attract tons of different amounts of bacteria, germs, and other junk and are rarely cleaned as the water and chemicals can damage the tech gadget itself. This article will discuss the dirtiest tech ...Read More

Kevin Durant Snags Cover of NBA 2k15

The career year currently being enjoyed by Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant just got a little better with the announcement that the newly crowned NBA MVP will appear solo on the cover of the NBA 2K15 game. After a previous appearance on the cover in 2012 as part of a group ...Read More

Emma Stone CastiIn Woody Allen Upcoming Film Alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Still elated from the Academy Award success that declared actress Cate Blanchett as Best Actress for her role in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine,” the respected film director is at it again, soon to commence his next project. As is always customary for Allen’s works in progress, movie fans are left to ponder ...Read More

How to Become an Expert at Cat Training

Many people think that cats cannot learn tricks. This is absolutely false. They can learn tricks just like a dog can and there are a lot of tricks that cats can learn that dogs cannot because they are much more agile. If you become an expert can trainer you can wow your ...Read More

Ten Movie Gadgets People Wish Existed

Deep down, everybody has that one movie at the very least that they have watched and wished they could have the technologically advanced gadgets from. No matter what the reason, there’s always some device in a movie that seems like it would be convenient to own in real life, some allow for ...Read More

Johnny Depp Talks About Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has finally talked about his fiancee Amber Heard, and he says that she is good for him. The thoughts have come out as part of an interview that Depp has done regarding his impending nuptials. The idea that Amber Heard is good for Johnny Depp may be laughable to some ...Read More

How Do Mila and Ashton Celebrate Their Baby News on the Kiss Cam

Mila and Ashton celebrated the news of their baby with a kiss on the clippers basketball game in LA. The pair were so engaged with one another and were featured kissing on kiss-cam. The two are now in high spirits as they look forward to their forthcoming marriage and it is made ...Read More

Bryan Greenberg Confesses the Hardest Part of Wedding Planning

In a video interview lead by Allie Merriam, an entertainment reporter, Bryan Greenberg discusses with her his career, his life, and his marriage plans. In a casual home looking environment, this interview was laid back and easy going, with both participants dressed casually and seated in comfortable looking wooden sitting chairs. The ...Read More

Why BMWs i8 Tech Will Influence Future Cars

BMW’s i8 was one of the unveiled turbo diesel concept cars for the 2009 motor show in Frankfurt, Germany. A production version of the BMW i8 was presented at the 2013 motor show in Frankfurt. The deliveries for this version of the BMW are scheduled to begin in June of 2014 in ...Read More

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